The Worcester State University baseball team held its Inaugural Annual Appleton Challenge Skills Competition on Wednesday (Jan. 25) inside the Wellness Center. The challenge consisted of individual and team events.   


Individual competitions included push-ups, sit-ups, medicine ball throw and TRX bands row.


Individual winners were as follows:

Brad Saltsman, Push Ups (61)

Luke Brennan, Sit Ups (155)

PJ Walsh, Medicine Ball Toss (52ft.)

Alex Angelo, TRX Bands Row (52)


Team competitions included an obstacle course, springs, farmer’s walk with 35lb. plates, box jumps, jump rope relay, crab walk, bear crawl, shuttle run relay, and tug of war.


The winning team was Associate Head Coach Dave Wigren, Kenan Kolanda, Brian Bonacquisti, Dez Aguirre, Mike Ferrara, Neil Begley, Tyler Barrie, Sam Allen, and Ben Palatino.