The 1980 Women's Basketball Team
Title: Class of 1999

The Lancer Women's Basketball Team distinguished itself and brought pride to Worcester State College Athletics in 1980. This outstanding team won the AlAW Division ill National Championship, the only national team championship in the college's history. It was a tremendous victory when the Lancers defeated Wisconsin (LaCrosse) 76-73 at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. It was a time in the college's history that no one will ever forget.

In recognition of Worcester State College's 125th Anniversary we honor the 1980 Women's Basketball Team for their historical achievement:

Head Coach Donna Devlin

Assistant Coach Denise (Desorcy) Collins

Margie (Collins) Coggins

Kathy Feen

Maureen Feyre

Lora (Bremner) Fitzpatrick

Cathy (Westall) Kuzmeskus

Joann Medeiros

Joan O'Donnell

Sharon Pike

Jackie Shaker

Barbara Williams

Kathy Williams