The 1976-77 Ice Hockey Team
Title: Class of 2000

The Lancers Ice Hockey Team distinguished itself and has brought pride to Worcester State College. During the 1976-77 season the team claimed the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Ice Hockey Post-Season Tournament. They are honored as a team for their achievements.

Head Coach John Coughlin Sr.

Assistant Coach: John Coughlin Jr.

Team members are:

Brian Allain

Billy Bowes

Curt Degon

Ken Devillis

Bob Donahue

Robert Eramo

Rick Freeman

Bill Gemme

Jay Gilmartin

Terry Green

John Guiney

Kevin Hurley

John Mattison

Jim McCullough

Kevin McCullough

Bob McNamara

Bill Moran

Mike O'Coin

Henry Proko

Jack Pyne

Mike Seed

Richard Todd

Robert Turcotte