Women’s Soccer Volunteers at Haverhill’s 36th Annual Special Field Games

Jenna Martin and Special Field Games Participant
Jenna Martin and Special Field Games Participant

On a typical Saturday in September, the Worcester State University women's soccer team is out on the field scoring goals and seeking a victory. However, this past Saturday (Sep. 17) the women's soccer team's schedule allowed for them to spend their day volunteering at Haverhill's 36th Annual Special Field Games.


The event is run by women's soccer player, Jenna Martin, and her family Kellie, Paul, Lisa and Kara.  This year, Jenna brought along her women's soccer team to help out with the annual event.


Jenna said, "It's a great way to give back to the community, and the girls on the team definitely enjoyed this experience just as much as the participants did."


Throughout the day, volunteers take around an athlete for the day and bring them to all sorts of athletic events. Just to name a few, of the events, there is the 50 meter dash, 100 meter dash, soccer, Frisbee throw, and many more.


"The goal is to have every event end with a million smiles, laughs, and high fives," commented Jenna.


"I love when my kids involve their friends and sports teams in this special day to help out," commented Jenna's mom, Kellie. It teaches them how to help those who are different from them and the athletes help to show them how to be genuinely happy no matter what struggle you may face."


"It is one of the best days of the year, and one of the ones I look forward to most," expressed Jenna. "Nothing is more satisfying than making someone smile, and that is pretty much what this day is all about.


"The team loved every minute of this day and I really hope our game schedule next year works out so we can do this event again," commented Jenna.  "They all thanked me for getting them involved, and I am very happy they all enjoyed themselves."


Nikki DiPilla and Nicole Parenteau


Elizabeth Charity and Skylar Alves


Sarah Kane and Angelina Sutherland