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Worcester State’s Athlete Mentor Program Sets up Pen-Pal Exchange with May Street Students

Worcester State’s Athlete Mentor Program Sets up Pen-Pal Exchange with May Street Students

WORCESTER, Mass. – Last week (Nov. 14-18) the Worcester State University student-athletes in the Athlete Mentor Program (AMP) spent their lunch hours with the students of the May Street School and had a chance to setup a pen-pal exchange with the elementary school children.


"The kids love it,” commented May Street student teacher, Miss Preist. “They ask every day when the pen-pals are coming!"


“Our students really look up to Worcester State’s student-athletes,” stated May Street teacher, Mrs. Reilly. “The Worcester State student-athletes are a motivator for our students to do better and they ask every day if the letters are in and get so excited to write.”


Not only is this a chance for the Worcester State student-athletes to meet their pen-pals, but they also assist the students with day-to-day classroom tasks such as helping the students with reading and mathematics.


"This event is not only exciting for the May Street students but also provides great excitement for our Worcester State student-athletes,” said Coordinator of Student-Athlete Support Services, Kelly Downs. “They enjoy being role models for the May Street students and understand the mentorship they are providing for them."


"It was fun to be able to give back to the community. It was nice to be able to excite the kids about learning and math," commented women’s volleyball and basketball player, Emily Carens.


This event acts as the ‘halfway’ event until Worcester State’s student-athletes get to engage with the May Street students for the field day in April. “We cannot wait to continue writing letters and learning more about each other after the winter break,” said Downs.


The Worcester State athletic department and May Street School have been working together for three years. The student-athletes of Worcester State look forward to this interaction with the students of the May Street School every year.



About Worcester State's Athlete Mentor Program

Our mission is to provide extra support for first-year student-athletes to make a connection with upperclassmen in athletics. The Athlete Mentor program plays a critical function in the academic and social acclimation of first-year student-athletes.